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RCF 15"/18" Wedding PA System

RCF 15"/18" 1600W Wedding PA System

System includes two RCF ART325A 15" speakers, stands, RCF 4-Pro 8001AS professional subwoofer and a small analogue mixer if required.

The RCF ART325A is a professional 15" PA speaker with 400W RMS in-built power amp and full face grille. The large 2" compression driver ensures excellent vocal projection at high volume. These make a great band FOH PA when used together with the RCF 4Pro 8001AS sub. 45-20kHz, 129dB Max, 90°x60° coverage. 68x40.5x34.5 cm, 24kg.

The RCF 4Pro 8001AS is a high performance powered sub with a sweet sound that works well for live bands or DJ's. 800W RMS, selectable crossover frequency, 133dB max 70x52x70 cm, 54kg.


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JBL DJ/Band Speaker Package

JBL PRX 725/718 PA Speaker System

System includes two double 15" speakers, two 18" subs all necessary leads.

The JBL PRX725 is a double 15" 2-way speaker 1500W peak, 42-18.5kHz, 139dB Max SPL output, 90°x50° coverage. 107x44.5x53.8cm, 37.2kg. Recommended for professional DJ's when used in conjunction with PRX718XLF subs.

The JBL PRX718XLF is an 18" powered subwoofer 1500W peak, 30-103Hz, 134dB Max SPL output, 69x52.3x72.4cm, 37kg. Recommended for professional DJ's and Bands.


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