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Pricing is for a single item for a single day. Discount available for larger packages of equipment or multi-day hire.

1 week charged at 2.5x the day rate.

Tip:  Musicians – if you’ve been asked to play interstate or a much larger show than usual, then you will need to hire extra gear and maybe a tech. But what about the cost? Remember it is the client's 'big important event' and they really want you to put on a great show, so right at the start when you are still negotiating the price, present the client with two (2) quotes, one for the band and the other for the extra x-hired sound/backline/lighting equipment. It will not reflect badly on your band, quite the reverse. The client expects the best show possible and will accept the two smaller bills more easily than if you try to hide the cost of the extra gear in your normal quote.

Keyboards and Accessories

Roland JV-30 16-Part Multi-Timbral Synthesizer

61 velocity keys, standard pitch blender and modulation.

Midi interface, main out, headphones, 2 pedal inputs for Hold and Sustain. Supplied with hard case and sustain pedal.

$50.00+GST roland, jv30, hire, adelaide, backline

Korg SP-170S Electric Piano

Superb concert piano sound with in-built speakers and 88 fully weighted keys.

Perfect for the pianist playing at wedding ceremonies.

Ten premium sounds including Concert and Electric piano, Harpsichord, Organs and Strings. Supplied with hard case and sustain pedal.

$80.00+GST backline, korg, electric, piano, wedding, pianist, keyboard, hire, rent, adelaide

Yamaha MOTIF XF7 Music Workstation Synthesizer 

76 key, FSX keyboard, 1664 voices & 97 drum kits, 741MB internal wave ROM

Popular touring grade keyboard for the professional musician.

Supplied with hard case, sustain pedal and assignable expression pedal.

***  2GB Flash Memory expansion packs installed ***


backline, roland, synthesizer, synth, keyboard, motif, es6, es7, es8, xs6, xs7, xs8, xf6, xf7, xf8, musical instrument, hire, adelaide

Korg KRONOS 2  88-Key Music Workstation

88 key, real weighted hammer action.

The choice of keyboard professionals in the studio and on stage.

Supplied with hard case and sustain pedal.

$150.00+GST backline, keyboard, kronos, hire, rent

Korg Concert C-540 Electric Piano   

Superb concert piano sound with in-built speakers and 88 fully weighted keys.

(Picture for illustration purposes only - hire stock modified for touring with removable stand and plug-in sustain pedal only)

$125.00+GST backline, electric piano, hire, adelaide

Keyboard Bench Seat

Adjustable keyboard bench / piano stool.

$15.00+GST keyboard seat, keyboard bench, pianist stool, pianist chair

Platform Bench Style Keyboard Stand

Adjustable keyboard stand for the seated piano player.

Height 65 - 110cm, Width 73.5 - 130cm, 24cm depth.

$15.00+GST keyboard bench stand
Keyboard Stand double braced X-frame, 2-Tier  $18.00+GST backline, 2-tier, keyboard, stand, x-braced, musical instrument, hire, adelaide

K&M Spider Pro Keyboard Stand

2 tier column style keyboard stand similar to the Apex Ultimate Support.

Microphone boom arm can be attached to top.


backline, column, keyboard, stand, apex, ultimate

Boss FV-500L Stereo Volume or Expression Pedal   

Stereo, low impedance pedal to control the output volume of any make or model of keyboard. This pedal also has an additional jack for use as an Expression pedal by using a separate TRS-TRS cable (equivalent wiring to Roland EV-5).

$20.00+GST backline, volume pedal, expression pedal, hire, rent, adelaide

M-Audio Universal Expression Pedal   

Foot controller pedal with built-in 1/4" TRS cable and polarity switch to suit most popular MIDI controllers and keyboards. Can be used to control any assignable controller value including volume, modulation, panning, filter sweep etc.

$15.00+GST expression, controller pedal
Guitars and Accessories

Maton ECW80C Acoustic Guitar   

Popular touring grade acoustic guitar, includes AP-5 pickup and case.

$45.00+GST backline, acoustic guitar, hire, rent, adelaide

Fender / Roland G-5A VG Electric Guitar   

Limited edition Fender combined with Roland V-guitar technology.

Beautifully crafted USA classic Fender Strat with in-built Roland V-guitar effects.


backline, electric, guitar, v-guitar, axe, stratocaster, strat, american, fender, musical instrument, hire, adelaide

Fender Squier Affinity P-Bass 4-string 

Popular format 4-string bass guitar and padded carry bag.


backline, fender, p-bass, precision, bass, musical instrument, hire, adelaide

Guitar Stand

Legacy Xtreme Hybrid A-Frame Stand

Suits Electric, Acoustic or Bass Guitar

$5.00+GST backline, Guitar Stand, Hire, Adelaide

LINE 6 Relay G10 Wireless Guitar Sender

Reliable, easy to use cordless guitar sender unit for guitar or bass.

$30.00+GST backline, wireless guitar sender, cordless

Boss Acoustic Guitar Amp

120W Boss "Acoustic Singer Pro" acoustic guitar amp with dedicated vocal channel. Chorus and reverb for Guitar. Delay/echo and reverb for Mic. Intelligent vocal harmony function uses guitar to set the key. Built-in looper. Anti-feedback controls. Foot switch included. Weight: 14.5kg

Supplied in road case with footswitch.

$50.00+GST backline, acoustic, guitar amp, combo, hire, adelaide
Backline Amps and Cabs

Marshall Origin50C Guitar Amp Combo

50W all valve combo with 1x12" Celestion G12N-60 speaker.

3 x ECC83 and 2 x EL34 valves.

Weight: 18.2kg

Supplied in road case with footswitch.

$45.00+GST backline, guitar amp, combo, hire, adelaide

Fender Hod Rod Deluxe III Guitar Amp Combo

40W all valve combo with 1x12" Celestion speaker. 2 inputs, 3 channels (Normal, Drive and More Drive), tone and presence controls, classic Fender spring reverb.

Weight: 22.5kg

Supplied in road case with footswitch.

$45.00+GST hotrod deluxe 3, fender twin

Fender Hod Rod DeVille 410 Guitar Amp Combo

60W all valve combo with 4x10" speakers. 2 inputs, 3 channels (Normal, Drive and More Drive), tone and presence controls, classic Fender spring reverb.

Weight: 22.7kg

Supplied in road case with footswitch.

$45.00+GST backline, guitar amp, combo, hire, adelaide

VOX AC30C2 Custom Guitar Amp Combo

30W 2x12” speakers, all valve combo.

Weight: 32.2kg

Supplied in road case.

$45.00+GST backline, vox, ac30, guitar amp, combo, tube amp, valve amp, custom
Marshall JCM2000 TSL-100 Guitar Amp Head w' Reverb

100W all valve amp head. 3 independent channels for Clean, Crunch and Lead. Supplied in road case with footswitch.

User manual:  Marshall_JCM2000_TSL100 manual.pdf

Weight: 20.4kg


backline, Marshall stack, JCM2000, JCM900, TSL, 100W, guitar amp, hire, adelaide

Marshall  JCM1960A  4x12” Guitar Speaker Cab

300W, 4x12" angled speaker cab.

Supplied with road case.

$30.00+GST backline, guitar, amp, amplifier, Marshall stack, hire, Adelaide, JCM900

Gallien-Krueger 1001RB-II Bass Amp Head

700W/50W Bi-amp output.

Download user manual:  GK_700rb_1001rb.pdf

Supplied in road case with 4-pin bi-amp cable.

$50.00+GST backline, bass head, hire adelaide

Gallien-Krueger NEO410 Bass Cabinet

800W, 4x10” speakers with bi-amped high horn.

Supplied with padded transport cover.

$30.00+GST backline, bass cab, hire, adelaide
Drums and Accessories

Pearl Vision VSX complete drum kit

Complete 5 piece kit with snare, cymbals, kick pedal and throne.

Vision SST Birch Ply Shell. Remo coated Emperor heads. 22x18" kick, 14x5.5" SensiTone alloy snare, 16x14" floor tom, 12x7" and 10x7" rack toms. 8x7" rack tom also available. Zildjian 20" ZBT ride, 16" or 18" ZBT crash, 14" ZBT hats. Paiste 10" splash available separately.

$150.00+GST backline, drums, drum kit, hire, adelaide

Sonor Force 3005 Full Maple drum kit

Complete 5 piece kit with snare, cymbals, kick pedal and throne.

22x17" KK, 14x5.5" SNR, 16x16" FT, 13x12" RT, 12x10" RT

Wooden snare.

$150.00+GST drums, rock kit, hire, adelaide, south australia

Double Kick Pedal

Pearl P-902 model.

$20.00+GST double kick pedal, hire, adelaide, backline

Roland SPD (OctoPad) drum pad stand

Double braced support stand for the Roland HPD, SPD, VG and VB series instruments, including HandSonic 10, HandSonic 15, SPD-20, SPD-S, VG-99 and VB-99.

$20.00+GST Roland, octopad, spdy, speedy, drum, stand

Bar Chimes

Latin Percussion LP511 Studio Series.  Includes mounting bracket, striker and stand

$28.00+GST backline, wind chimes


ProMax cutaway tambourine. Hi-hat mount available.

$8.00+GST backline, tambourine

Egg Shaker Set

Latin Percussion LP017 variant on the popular ‘egg’ shakers in soft, medium and loud.



backline, conga shaker trio

Handheld Shaker

Latin Percussion LP440 Shake-It professional shaker.

$8.00+GST backline, lp440 shake-it


Latin Percussion LP204A cowbell (low pitch) or LPA402 cowbell (high pitch).



backline, cow bell

Percussion Wood Blocks

Latin Percussion LP1307 Blast Block- green - low pitch

Meinl MPE1BK - black - medium pitch

Latin Percussion LP1204 Piccolo Jam Block - orange - high pitch



backline, wood block, woodblock, hire, adelaide

Percussion Rack

Latin Percussion LP372 Everything percussion rack.

(Instruments not included)

$15.00+GST backline, percussion rack

Percussion Trap Table   

Latin Percussion LP521 Aspire percussion trap table.

(Instruments not included)

$15.00+GST backline, percussion table

Conga Drums with stand

Latin Percussion LP559 Conga (11-3/4”) and LP522X Quinto (11”). Supplied with LP290B stand.

$65.00+GST backline, conga, hire, Adelaide
Bongo Drum and Stand

Block brand bongo set. Supplied with stand.

$35.00+GST backline, musical instrument, bongos, congas, hire, rent, adelaidel

Djembe Drum

14” Remo key tuned djembe drum.

$45.00+GST Remo, key tuned, djembe, hire, rent, Adelaide, South Australia

Djembe Stand

Gibraltar heavyweight pro djembe stand.

$18.00+GST Djembe, stand, heavyduty, hire, Adelaide
Music Stand Professional $8.00+GST backline, music stand, lyric stand, note stand, hire, adelaide
Music Stand Sconce light $8.00+GST backline, hire, music, sconce, stand

Performers Stool

Comfortable padded stool with foot rungs, ideal for acoustic guitar performances.

$10.00+GST  backline, stool, seat, hire, adelaide

Step-Down Transformer

Allows connection of 110V imported instruments.  

Large 2kVA rating. International style outlets.

$30.00+GST backline, 110v transformer, american socket, step-down, transformer, adelaide

MegaDeck DJ Table

The iconic MegaDeck DJ table is an essential piece of furniture for festival stages and DJ comps. Plenty of space for decks, mixer and turntables. 1800 x 600mm. Mobile (rolling) version available.

$80.00+GST DJ Table, DJ Stage, riser, op's, hire, rent, adelaide

Rolling Drum Riser

2.4 x 2.4m (8' x 8') Megadeck stage. Large enough for the largest drum kit and mic stands. Fixed or rolling options available.

Approx 30cm height.

Delivery available - additional charge.

$150.00+GST backline, Megadeck, drum riser, pa riser, stage, deck, hire, adelaide

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