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Pricing is for a single item for a single day. Discount available for larger packages of equipment or multi-day hire.

1 week charged at 2.5x the day rate.


2-Way Radio (Walkie talkie) Comms System

Professional 5W Icom IC-41PRO 2-way radios. Excellent clarity. Pseudo private channels.


per Pair

iCom, IC-41PRO, CB radio, 2-way radio, walkiie-talkie, hire, rent, adelaide
Inverters, Generators & UPS

Portable Power Pack

240V, 2000W Pure Sinewave Inverter with 120Ah deep cycle battery. Provides clean power for PA systems and instruments in locations where mains power is not available and totally silent operation is necessary. 43.8kg weight.

Recommended for events of 3 hours or less.

$65.00+GST portable power pack adelaide

Honda EU20i Inverter Generator

An inverter generator with 1600VA continuous (2000VA max) output providing clean stable power for electronics and audio systems in locations where mains power is not available, e.g. the beach, vineyards etc. Lowest noise level in it's class. Parallel link kit available enabling two generators to be operated together for double the power output. Dimensions 510 x 290 x 425 mm, 21.0 kg dry weight.

$85.00+GST generator hire Adelaide

Honda EU70i Inverter Generator  

High reliability electric start inverter generator with 5500VA continuous (7000VA max) output. Lowest noise level in it's class. The Inverter technology provides clean power for electronics and audio systems in locations where mains power is not available. Dimensions 848 x 700 x 721 mm, 118 kg dry weight.

$140.00+GST Honda generator hire adelaide

Digitech 1500VA/900W Line Interactive UPS

Provide clean backup power and protect critical systems in the event of a blackout, power surge or brownout. Used to power the large format digital mixing desks to protect against loss of unsaved settings. Dimensions 220 x 325 x 125 mm

$20.00+GST ups backup power hire adelaide
Power Distribution

Small operators often learn about the importance of good power distribution the hard way. Circuit breakers will trip out just when the sound and lighting systems are getting to the exciting part of the night! Power boards plugged into power boards and extension cords are not the way to go. To avoid disaster medium size events and concerts are powered from one or more 32A 3 phase outlets which are available at most public venues. Lighting can be tested prior to the event by simply bringing all the lights up to max, however sound systems have an extremely high peak/continuous current draw ratio and are almost impossible to predict from the equipment plate ratings. The general rule of thumb is that audio amps and powered speakers will draw 1/8th of their rated output power at full volume. This is a continuous current value and the power supply needs to be capable of supplying peak currents well in excess of this value.

32A 3Ø Extension Cable - Black

Black rubber flex cable suitable for temporary event usage. Australian 32A 5-pin system. Available in 10, 20, 30 or 50 metre lengths. 50m length supplied on a reel with switched outlet.

10m $20.00+GST

20m $28.00+GST

30m $35.00+GST

50m $60.00+GST

3-phase power extension cord hire Adelaide

32A 3Ø Double Adapter

Australian 32A 5-pin system.  Provides two unswitched outlets from one plug.

$15.00+GST 32A 3phase double adaptor hire adelaide

32A 3Ø Distribution Box

3-Phase distribution boxes are used to access almost 10 times the power available from a standard 10A wall socket. This is necessary to supply the peak power demands of large sound and lighting rigs at concerts and stage productions or simply to provide reliable power for hospitality and catering vans at outdoor events. This distro is supplied with 5m of input lead length. The outputs are:

6 x 15A RCD protected outlets and 3 x 20A RCD protected PowerCon outlets.

(The unit is compatible with 32A, 40A and 50A 5-pin power outlets)


power board, 3phase, 32A, distro

20A 3Ø PowerCon Distribution Box

The smaller 20A 5-pin 3-Phase connection is occasionally found in smaller entertainment venues. This box provides three 20A RCD protected PowerCon outlets allowing high current runs to be distributed around a stage using PowerCon cables and GPO outlet blocks (available separately).


3 phase distro

20A PowerCon Cable - Black

Used to create a professional stage power distribution system. These cables have the same heavy gauge 2.5mm2 copper as building wiring except in a flexible form and connectors suitable for use with the power outlets below. Available in lengths: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 & 30 metres.

1-15m $2.00+GST

20-30m $5.00+GST

powercon cable, hire, adelaide, event, lighting

20A PowerCon Double GPO

The GPO outlet blocks are fitted with PowerCon input and output sockets allowing them to be daisy-chained as required using the 20A PowerCon leads above. 20A maximum rating. The Clipsal outlets use a sturdy two prong connector per pin providing better plug retention and a more reliable low resistance connection than the single edge contact used in most modern power boards.

$8.00+GST ea

PowerCon mains power outlet, stage power distribution

15A Plug to PowerCon Adaptor Lead - Black

Australian 15A power outlets (with the larger Earth pin) are available in most community halls and venues and are the next best thing to 3Ø outlets. The circuit breakers supplying these outlets are larger amperage than normal 10A outlets. This allows better peak current demand for large sound or lighting systems. Use these adaptors together with the GPO outlets and 20A leads above to build a solid power distribution system for your stage or event. 1.0m lead length.


15A Rated PowerCon Link Lead - Black

Lightweight 15A rated cable, used for linking multiple stage lights or powered speakers. Available in lengths: 0.6, 1, 2, 3 & 5 metres.


10A Rated 240V Extension Cable - Black

Heavy-duty 1.5mm2 spec cable for reduced voltage drop, fitted with moulded 10A piggyback plug and socket. Available in lengths: 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 & 30 metres.

2-10m $2.00+GST

20-30m $5.00+GST

240V extension cord hire Adelaide
Clamps & Rigging

Hoecker Marquee Clamp 

An adjustable clamp designed specifically for use with clear span marquees using Kader grooved beams. Suits Hoecker pavilions. SWL: 150kg, Max beam width: 118mm. Fixings: M10, M12 & M14 Threaded holes. Supplied with a load rated eye bolt.

$20.00+GST Kader, tent, girder, clamp, hoecker, pavilion, flyer

50mm Hook Clamp 

Adjustable barrel clamp designed to clamp to round tube 50mm (2") diameter. Used to hang stage lighting fixtures from a purpose built lighting grid. 50 x 115mm, 25kg load rating.

$3.00+GST hook clamp, barrel clamp, 50mm, 2", event, lighting, hire

50mm Extended Length Hook Clamp 

Adjustable clamp designed to clamp to round tube 50mm (2") diameter. Can be used to hang stage lights from wooden pergola beams. 50 x 300mm, 25kg load rating.

$3.00+GST hook clamp, barrel clamp, 50mm, 2", extended, long, hire

75mm Hook Clamp 

Adjustable clamp designed to clamp to round tube 75mm (3") diameter. Can be used to hang stage lights from large 3" pipes or beams. 75 x 280mm, 20kg load rating.

$5.00+GST hook clamp, barrel clamp, 75mm, 3 inch, 3", hire

50mm Pipe Coupler 

Adjustable clamp designed to clamp to round tube 47-55mm diameter. Used to hang stage lights from aluminium truss without damage. 100kg load rating.

$3.00+GST pipe clamp, 50mm, 2", half coupler, hire

50mm Pipe Coupler with Spigot

Adjustable clamp designed to clamp to round tube 47-55mm diameter with spigot to connect to Global truss or compatible products. 100kg load rating.

$5.00+GST pipe clamp, half coupler, 50mm, 2", spigot, conical, hire, truss connector

50mm Pipe Coupler Heavy Duty

Adjustable clamp designed to suit round tube 38-55mm. M12 Ring eye if required. 200kg safe working load.

$5.00+GST truss clamp ring eye bolt hire adelaide lighting

Drop-over Cable Protector - Large

Interlocking protection for cables in exposed locations. Natural rubber, non-slip. Suitable for 3-phase cables and multicore 'snake' leads. External: 1200 x 212 x 34mm. Channel: 80 x 25mm

$8.00+GST cable, lead, protector, protection, safety, rubber, hire, adelaide

Industrial Floor Fan 

500mm, 3 speed, adjustable tilt.

$18.00+GST industrial, fan, cooling, hire, rent

Industrial Pedestal Fan  

750mm, 3 speed, fixed or oscillating head.

$25.00+GST industrial, fan, cooling, hire, rent, mister

Folding Hand Trolley

Sturdy fold-flat hand truck, indispensable for carting gear to the job site. W610 x H1220 x D600mm unfolded. W590 x H1030 x D80mm folded. 9.6kg weight, 250kg rated capacity.

$12.00+GST trolley, hand truck, hire, adelaide

Shot Bag

Used to add extra weight to base plates and stands to ensure stability where necessary. 13-15kg weight. 15 available.

$10.00+GST shot bag, sand bag, hire adelaide

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